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Has your kid been to the same old types of birthday parties year after year?

Are your kids having the same old types of birthday parties year after year?

Well not this year!

This year you (the parent) will be the hero your kid (and all the kids) will be talking about for weeks to come. You will be the coolest parent in school. You will be the trendiest parent in school. You will be the parent who gave their kid an INKy.pINKy.pARTy  temporary tattoo party for their birthday!

Your kid and their friends will be talking about this party in the playground for weeks to come and showing off all their amazing temporary tattoos that last 7-10 days.

Stop wasting time and money on the same old boring birthday parties that everyone is doing.

Instead, throw a party that everyone will LOVE! Kids absolutely love temporary tattoos. Whether it’s to be just like you or like one of their other heroes in life.

You can’t go wrong with an INKy.pINKy.pARTy. temporary tattoo party.

Do it yourself with our DIY Tattoo Booth or hire one of our local temporary tattoo artists to host a temporary tattoo party for you. Hosted parties include:

  • 2 hours of fun and games (with prizes)
  • 2 Temporary tattoos applied
  • 2 Color your own temporary tattoos (to apply at home)

Talk to us today about hosted parties and we will connect you with a fun local temporary tattoo artist in your area.

INKy.pINKy.pARTy. temporary tattoos are suitable for boys and girls of all ages.

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